• To develop a pattern of teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education in all its branches so as to prepare Human Resources for Health for Madhya Pradesh in particular and India in general.
• To render health services to both rural and urban people of Mahakoushal Region of Madhya Pradesh.
• To integrate with state health services and NGOs in implementing national health programs in terms of training, monitoring, supervision and expertise in related fields.
• To cater the national and global need of quality Ayurvedic health care professionals.
• To carry out researches in order to revalidate oriental and traditional principles and claims.
• To undertake development of allied Sciences, Particularly related with Ayurveda.
• To enrich the existing Ayurveda Pharmacopeia through evidence based research.
• To support and enrich the National Health Policies and Programmes.
• To carry out collaborative activities in various sectors in order to enrich Ayurveda.